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Meal Prep – Leafy Lunches

Now, you won’t make friends with salad, but you also won’t get that after lunch fatigue you sometimes get from eating a large, carb-heavy meal. With the right preparation, you can easily pack healthy, hearty salads for lunch and save big. Store bought salads and ‘make your own salad bars’ are convenient, but they’ll cost you! Here are my meal prep tips for creating delicious leafy lunches.

It’s so easy to whip up a salad for your weekly work lunches.  I love to eat salads during the work week because you can be as simple or creative as you want!  Salads are also easy to prep and great for your overall health.

Leafy Lunches Meal Prep:

  • Cut up two heads of romaine lettuce to serve as the foundation for the salads
  • Wash and cut a head of red cabbage (this adds a great crunch!)
  • Chop up a wide variety of vegetables, including green pepper, green onion, cucumbers, carrots and celery
  • Open, wash and store a can of chickpeas or a legume of your choice. Legumes are so healthy for you and packed with protein which will keep you full throughout the entire work day
  • Cook about 2 cups of quinoa, this will provide extra substance to the salad
  • Wash and add sprouts of your choice
  • Add seeds, nuts and dried fruit

Pack what you like each morning before work.  Pair your leafy lunch with a fruit cup or some veggies and hummus –  now, you’re all set to start the work week off right!  

Leafy Lunch Meal Prep Example

Leafy Lunch Pro Tip:

I keep a bottle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a salt shaker at my desk, and use these as dressing for my salad. Premixed vinaigrettes and creamy dressings are often high in calories, fats and sodium, and can negate the benefits of your leafy lunch.

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